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The Affogato recipe in three simple steps!

Need inspiration for a special dessert? Think coffee! Coffee is so much more than that drink you need in the morning to not arrive at work grumpy... Of course there are coffee liqueurs, cookies and sandwiches, and many other things. But what else you can make yourself with coffee, WOW!!! This week in the blog the number 1 of the coffee recipes: Affogato!


Now if you're thinking "what's he talking about", you've probably never had an Affogato. But believe me, you have to try this. Just look at the picture. The best part is that it's super easy and quick to prepare There is a good chance that you already have all the ingredients at home.You can also have a dessert during the day ;-) … The Affogato is an authentic Italian dessert where you pour a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a hot espresso. Simple right? 

What do you need

  • Deliciously creamy vanilla ice cream
  • A shot of hot espresso* from good quality coffee beans
  • A nice glass or bowl to serve the dessert
*even if you don't have an espresso machine or percolator (espresso pot), you can create (almost) the same effect with a small cup of highly concentrated coffee. Make it really strong for a great effect.

The Affogato recipe

Take the glass or bowl in which you are going to serve the Affogato and put a nice big scoop of vanilla ice cream in it.
Brew your espresso and then pour it over your scoop of ice cream.
Or: serve the espresso separately and let everyone pour the espresso over the ice themselves - recommended if there is some time between making the coffee and serving it to your guests.
Pro tip: sprinkle some chocolate chips over the ice cream and serve with macaroons.
Check out the video below, then you can be sure it will be ok! Enjoy... <3

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