cold brew

DIY Cold Brew Recipe!

Super hip and happening! The cold brew. This weekend we tried a delicious recipe. And guess what? super easy! In this blog I explain what you need for this!


  • Delicious fresh coffee beans to your own taste, we prefer fruitier coffees.
  • Scale and coffee grinder
  • Can/jar
  • Mineral water or filtered water
  • Something to filter afterwards, we used the Chemex with a filter for that. A quick filter could also be used, Hario V60 with filter, or maybe you have a very fine sieve or something
    Do you want to do it all in style? Then choose this super beautiful Hario Cold Brew Coffee Filter-In Bottle.
  • A little time. It takes about 12 hours to infuse. So make in the evening, filter in the morning :-)

Okay. I said a cold brew is easy... Let's see! You use a ratio of 1 to 5. So 1 gram of coffee to 5 grams of water. I myself used 120 grams of coffee on 600 grams of water. So I'll stick with that example...


1. You weigh 120 grams of coffee and grind it fairly coarsely, such as in a French Press / push pot. Coarser than quick filter grind anyway.

2. Put the ground coffee in a jar or jug ​​that is large enough.

3. Pour 600 grams of filtered water or bottled water (mineral water) over this and stir it well to make sure everything is well mixed.

4. Cover the jar/jug and wait 12 hours. Do not wait any longer, because then over-extraction will take place and the coffee will become bitter.

5. Create a setup in which you can filter (we did this with a Chemex with a filter in it) and slowly pour the substance over it, possibly including muck (but sometimes this stays in the can by itself). Let it slowly drip through the filter. You can stir a little to promote the process, but be careful not to tear the filter due to the pressure.

6. Let it cool down in the fridge for a while or serve immediately with some ice cubes.


cold brew