5 tips for crushing ice for iced coffee without a blender or icebreaker

crushed ice

Have you ever longed for a refreshing iced coffee on a sweltering day, but without a blender or icebreaker nearby? Don't worry, coffee connoisseurs and kitchen virtuosos! There are still ways to achieve that perfect cup of chilled deliciousness. Do you want to know how to grind ice for the ultimate iced coffee? Keep reading for helpful tips and tricks to make your own iced coffee without any special equipment. So grab your apron, put on your favorite music and let's dive into the kitchen together.

Wrap ice in a towel

Believe it or not, a thick towel can be your best friend when crushing ice. This simple trick can come in handy when you quickly need crushed ice cubes for your summer drinks.

Simply place a few ice cubes in the center of the towel, fold it tightly, grip it tightly and... smash! If you want to add some extra resistance, use the ground or countertop.

The result? A bag full of finely crushed ice cubes, ready to take your refreshing coffee or cocktails to the next level.

Resealable bag and rolling pin

Do you happen to have a rolling pin at home? If you have a sturdy resealable bag, you can put the ice cubes in it and then run the rolling pin over it. By rolling, crushing and destroying those clumps, you can reduce the ice cubes to the size you want!

This simple but effective technique is not only useful for the ice cream, but also a perfect way to release your frustrations. It gives a whole new meaning to the term 'ice cold'!

Pestle and mortar

For the patient souls among us, there is the pestle and mortar method. A wonderful way to crush ice with this old and reliable duo. Take a few cubes of ice, place them in the mortar and crush them gently with the pestle. It takes some extra time and muscle, but the authentic experience you create with it makes it all worth it!

Manual food processor or meat mallet

Grab that manual food processor or get out your meat mallet and prepare for a little workout. Cover the ice cubes with a kitchen towel (to prevent ice from flying around) and let the hammer do the work.

Make sure you use the hammer with a controlled force so that the ice cubes are nicely crushed and you can make a deliciously refreshing iced coffee. A few well-placed blows and your iced coffee is one step closer.

Use a Lewis bag and hammer

Finally, for those who really want to delve into the craft, the Lewis bag and hammer is the ideal combination. This methodology, beloved by professional bartenders, produces perfectly consistent, almost snow-like crushed ice. Ice the bag, hammer at the ready, and start hitting! We bet you feel like a barista for a moment? Discover the fine art of ice making and enjoy the satisfaction of creating perfectly crushed ice for your drinks. A must-have tool for every cocktail lover who strives for the highest quality and precision in every sip.


Voilà, now you have five innovative ways to grind ice for your perfect iced coffee – no fancy equipment required! You can experiment with the different methods and discover your favorite way to make a delicious Freddo Espresso , for example. Invite friends for a tasting and let them be amazed by your ingenuity. Next time the sun is high, you will be the hero of the day with your ice-cold brew. Cheers!