What's so special about the Chemex?

chemex coffee maker

An elegant and timeless design, the Chemex coffee maker has completely transformed the way we prepare our morning coffee. But what makes the Chemex so special? In this blog we delve deeper into the world of Chemex to discover what sets it apart from other coffee makers.

We'll look at its unique design, the quality of the coffee it produces, and how it turns coffee brewing into a ritual. We will also talk about the story behind the Chemex, how the Chemex came into existence, how the Chemex filters actually make a difference and how you can use the Chemex for more than just coffee.

Fun fact; it was our first tool when introduced to Specialty Coffee. My dad gave me the Chemex as a gift when I turned 27 and I was hooked. I'm curious. Are you also interested in this blog?

The story behind the Chemex

The story of the Chemex begins in 1941, when German inventor Dr. Peter Schlumbohm designed it. With a background in chemistry, Schlumbohm was obsessed with the idea of ​​creating the perfect cup of coffee. The Chemex, a combination of an Erlenmeyer flask and a funnel, was his answer. His design was not only groundbreaking, but also aesthetically pleasing, earning it a place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But what makes the Chemex so special?

The Chemex's unique design not only provides a visually appealing coffee-making tool, but also a superior coffee experience. Thanks to its hourglass shape and specially designed filters, the Chemex produces a cleaner, fuller and less bitter coffee than traditional methods. The Chemex filters are thicker than standard filters, which means they remove more of the oils and sediments from the coffee, resulting in the bright and clean taste that the Chemex is so famous for.

Even after almost 80 years, the Chemex remains an indispensable part of coffee culture. It's more than just a coffee maker; it is a symbol of elegance, quality and timeless design. The Chemex has completely changed the way we appreciate and experience coffee, and will continue to do so in the future.

How Chemex Filters Make a Difference

The unique thickness of Chemex filters plays a crucial role in achieving the signature taste experience associated with this method. These filters are 20-30% heavier than conventional filters, which allows them to remove unwanted oils, grease and fine particles more effectively. This results in a coffee that is clear, pure and rich in flavor.

The special thing about the Chemex filters is that they not only have a function, but also contribute to the overall experience of making coffee. They are designed to promote uniform extraction, meaning the water flows evenly through the coffee. This ensures a balanced and consistent coffee.

Finally, the thickness of the filters reduces the chance of underextraction. This is because they don't let the coffee drip too quickly. The slower processing time leads to a deeper and fuller flavor of the coffee. These are just some of the reasons why Chemex thick filters are so special and why they make a difference in the world of coffee.

The Chemex Ritual: A Coffee Making Experience

The Chemex is a popular manual filter method for brewing coffee. But how do you actually make coffee with this? You need a number of things for preparation with the Chemex:

  • the Chemex itself
  • Chemex filters
  • freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee
  • fresh water at about 92-94 degrees
  • a scale with timer
  • and a gooseneck jug to pour the water into.

The brewing process consists of five steps:

  1. pre-rinsing the filter
  2. adding the ground coffee
  3. pre-soaking the coffee (also called 'blooming')
  4. slowly pouring the remaining water
  5. and finally waiting for the coffee to run completely. By experimenting with the ratio of coffee to water, the grind and the pouring time, you can further refine the taste of the coffee.

Would you like to read more about how to make the best coffee with a Chemex ? Then read our extensive blog about this that we shared earlier.

Using Chemex for more than just coffee

The Chemex is usually associated with coffee, but did you know that you can also use this refined coffee maker for other purposes? For example, one of the most underestimated uses of the Chemex is making tea. Thanks to its design and special filters, you also get a pure, clear result with tea that tastes more refined than with many other methods.

But there's more: the Chemex can also serve as an elegant carafe for serving water or other drinks. Simply fill it with your chosen drink - whether it's homemade lemonade, sangria, or a spiced autumn cider - and let your guests enjoy both the taste and the presentation.

Furthermore, if you are a fan of infusion, the Chemex can be your best friend. It can be used to make cold infusions, such as cold brew or iced tea, as well as for infusing herbs or fruits into water or other liquids. I am a real fan of using the Chemex carafe to prepare cold brew.

In short, the possibilities of the Chemex extend beyond just making the perfect coffee. It is a versatile tool that, with a little creativity, can shine in any kitchen.

A timeless icon in coffee culture

James Bond, the iconic spy known for his refined taste, has an undeniable affinity for the Chemex. In Ian Fleming's novel "From Russia with Love", Bond is described making coffee with his beloved Chemex. It's a nod to Bond's sophistication and his appreciation for the finer things in life , including a well-brewed cup of coffee.

The Chemex is not just a coffee maker, but a piece of design history that perfectly combines the simplicity of function and form. Like 007 himself, the Chemex is a timeless icon, regardless of the decade or prevailing trends. In the hands of James Bond, preparing coffee with the Chemex becomes a true art form.

This means that when you have a Chemex in your home, you not only own a machine for making great coffee, but also a piece of cultural history - an object that embodies the essence of Bond's style and sophistication. Like Bond, the Chemex remains an undeniable classic, beloved by coffee connoisseurs worldwide.


The Chemex is more than just a coffee maker; it is an iconic piece of design and cultural history.

Due to its versatility in use, from making the perfect coffee to preparing cold brew, the device offers unprecedented possibilities. Like James Bond, a quintessential character with a penchant for the finer things in life, the Chemex showcases timeless elegance and sophistication.

Chemex owners not only have a means to make great coffee, but also a piece of cultural history that embodies the essence of style and sophistication. In short, the Chemex remains an undeniable classic, loved by coffee connoisseurs worldwide.