How to use the Origami Dripper: the ultimate brewing advice

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The Origami Dripper is one of the most beautiful pour-over drippers on the market. But it is not only a feast for the eyes, you can also make very tasteful pour over coffee with it. I myself use the Origami Dripper daily for my brews and I absolutely love it. As a real pour over lover, the Origami dripper is a real addition to my modest coffee arsenal ;).

I myself always wondered whether the Origami is not only beautiful, but also makes good coffee. And what is the difference with the established Hario V60, for example? And which filters should you actually use for the Origami Dripper? In this blog I explain it all to you. I also share my favorite Origami recipe with you and explain step by step how to make the best Origami coffee in my opinion. Are you ready?

What is an Origami Dripper

Origami dripper

The Origami Dripper is a stunningly beautiful and highly functional ceramic pour-over dripper for coffee lovers who want to brew the best tasting cup of coffee.

Simple yet elegant, Origami design is a Japanese art of paper folding that has been practiced for centuries. Sharing the same name, the Dripper is inspired by the playful, colorful and creative, yet delicate craft spirit, transferring much of this to the brewing process.

Twenty evenly spaced deep vertical grooves form the pourover dripper, which ensures an unobstructed flow of water through your coffee bed. Air spaces are created between the filter and the Dripper to regulate the brewing time, resulting in perfect extraction every time.

Mino porcelain is used in making the Origami Drippers and is one of Japan's most prestigious pottery traditions, with over 400 years of history. Known for its unparalleled quality and durability, porcelain has fantastic thermal conductivity that enhances the coffee's characteristics and ensures full aroma and optimal extraction.

The cone-shaped Dripper fits perfectly on most servers and carafes. The Origami Dripper is cherished by those who love the craft of brewing coffee and making beautiful things.

What are the advantages of the Origami Dripper

Ease of use

The Origami is a great dripper because you can brew smaller amounts with it. You can easily use recipes that allow you to brew a great repeatable and scalable recipe from as little as 12 grams of coffee.

Simply place the Origami dripper on a jug or server using the Origami Holder and you're ready for your favorite slow coffee recipe.


In addition to the ease of use, the Origami dripper is a real feast for the eyes. Its beautiful design, available in the most beautiful colors, is a real eye-catcher in your kitchen or on your coffee bar.

What are the disadvantages of the Origami Dripper


The biggest drawback is that this porcelain dripper is relatively fragile. So don't just turn your coffee into a slow coffee, but take it easy with this dripper. Then you can enjoy it for a long time.

Yet Origami has found a solution with the Origami Dripper air . Just like its big brother, this plastic variant is a real eye-catcher, but it is less likely to break if you accidentally drop it.

What is the difference between the Origami Dripper and the Hario V60

I think it's important to start with that both the Origami Dripper and the Hario V60 are excellent pour-over drippers. The subtle differences are in the design, functionality and applicability. I can already tell you that I really like both brewing methods and let my mood determine which dripper I grab in the morning.

Below I share the four most striking and most important differences between these two drippers in my opinion.

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The Origami Dripper has a unique design with deep vertical grooves that ensure a smooth, even water flow through the coffee bed. It has a conical shape that fits well on most servers. On the other hand, the Hario V60 has a signature spiral ridge on the inside of the dripper, which helps regulate water flow and promote even extraction.

Filter compatibility

The Origami Dripper is compatible with multiple filters making it a versatile dripper. But which filter should you use in the Origami dripper? Both Hario V60 filters ( Cafec ) and Kalita Wave filters are suitable. This allows you to try different brewing methods with 1 dripper and extract a wide range of flavor properties. The Hario V60, on the other hand, is usually used with its specific V60 paper filters.

Putting it

The Origami Dripper offers more control over the brewing process, especially over the pouring and extraction speed. The deep grooves and air spaces between the filter and dripper allow for a controlled flow of water, allowing you to tailor the extraction to your preferences. I often opt for a long bloom (40-50 sec.), followed by a single-pour. By adjusting the pouring speed you influence the final lead time. With the Hario V60, the control is more with the barista and the results depend on the pouring technique and speed.

Heat release

The Origami Dripper is thinner and gives off heat relatively faster than the Hario V60. This can result in a cleaner, sweeter and milder extraction, while the thicker ceramic walls of the Hario V60 retain heat better, which can have a different impact on flavor profiles.

My ultimate Origami dripper recipe

Origami dripper recipe

Yes, finally. If you've made it this far, I've probably spoiled you with the perfect pour-over coffee with the Origami dripper. Let's get started quickly, within 5 minutes you will have your first Origami coffee in your hand!


  • Origami Dripper
  • Hario V60 filters



  1. Grind 15 grams of coffee and rinse the filter with some warm water.
  2. Put the coffee in the wet filter and pour 40 grams of water on it and let it 'bloom' for 40 seconds.
  3. Pour the remaining water over the coffee in a slow motion until the full 225 grams of water has been used.
  4. Stir 3 times and move the Origami dripper so that all coffee particles are in contact with the water.
  5. Wait until the water has completely run through. The total turnaround time should be about 2-3 minutes depending on the coffee you use.


The Origami Dripper is not only a visually beautiful pour-over dripper, but also offers the possibility to make delicious coffee. Its ease of use and aesthetic value make it a favorite among pour-over enthusiasts. Although the porcelain is fragile, Origami has introduced a plastic variant, the Origami Dripper Air, as a more sustainable alternative.

The unique design of the Origami Dripper with deep grooves and air spaces ensures controlled water flow and perfect extraction. The use of Mino porcelain and the thin shape promote optimal heat dissipation and contribute to a clean, sweet and mild extraction.

Compared to the Hario V60, the Origami Dripper has some notable differences. The design and filter compatibility of the Origami Dripper offers greater versatility in the brewing process. The control over pouring and extraction speed is greater with the Origami Dripper, while with the Hario V60 the results are more dependent on the pouring technique and speed of the barista.

In addition, the Origami Dripper releases heat faster due to its thin ceramic walls, which can result in a cleaner extraction, while the Hario V60 retains heat better and can have a different impact on flavor profiles.

With the right recipe and technique, the Origami Dripper can produce delicious pour-over coffee. A recommended recipe for best results involves a 40 second bloom followed by a single-pour, with 15 grams of coffee and 225 grams of water at a temperature of 96°C.

So, if you're looking for a pour-over dripper that's not only aesthetically pleasing, but also capable of brewing delicious coffee, the Origami Dripper is definitely worth considering. Try it out and discover the possibilities and flavors it has to offer.