Aeropress vs pour-over: Learn the difference...


Welcome, coffee lovers and home baristas! Have you ever wondered why those two unique coffee brewing methods – Aeropress and Pour-Over – have such a fan base? Yes? Good! Today we dive head-first into the fascinating world of these two coffee preparation techniques. Get your taste buds ready, because we're going to take a deep dive into what can make your mornings fantastic from now on.

Aeropress method

Ah, the Aeropress! Sounds like something from a lab, right? Well, in a way it's also a little science experiment in your own kitchen! This incredibly versatile invention is your best buddy when it comes to a rich, smooth cup of coffee that's brewed so quickly you won't even have time to say "Where's my coffee?" to ask.

It's simple to make coffee with the Aeropress : you put your ground coffee in the cylinder, add hot water, stir, let it steep for a while, and then... press. The secret behind the Aeropress lies in the fast extraction process under pressure, which gives you an exceptional cup of coffee within a minute.

Aeropress advantages and disadvantages

But hey, let's be honest: every hero story has its ups and downs.


  • Speed : A good cup of coffee faster than you can say "Espresso"!
  • Adjustability : Play with the brew time, the grind size, and even the water temperature – make it really your cup of coffee.
  • Convenience : Compact, easy to carry, and a breeze to clean.


  • One at a time : Although it makes coffee quickly, it is especially suitable for solo cups.
  • Taste handicap? : For some, the Aeropress may lack the complexity that other methods offer.

Pour-Over method

Move the Aeropress aside a bit, it's time for the Pour-Over, the faithful craftsman of perfect filter coffee. There is no rush-rush here; it is the zen master of coffee methods. Go ahead, grab your kettle and filter holder and let us experience the ritual of the Pour-Over ceremony!

With the pour-over you emphasize the most special flavors of the coffee. Many of us use the pour-over method in the form of the Hario V60 , but there are plenty of other pour-over brewing methods.

Pour-Over pros and cons


  • Control : You are in control – the speed and temperature of the water, everything!
  • Meditative : The pour-over method is a gentle routine that is almost therapeutic. The perfect activity for a Sunday morning, don't you think?
  • Upgrade your coffee knowledge : Learn the nuances of different coffee types while experimenting with brew times, water temperature and grind size.


  • Time : Good things take time, and that applies here too. Not for the hasty types among us.
  • Practice Makes Perfect : To be honest – it's a little less intuitive than the Aeropress. But practice… well, you get the idea.

Are you ready to try out one of these techniques (or both!) yourself? Fantastic! Let's make a deal: you'll experiment with your Aeropress and pour-over skills, and I promise many more of these coffee chats.

Now it's time to fine-tune the grind, make the water dance and make a cup of coffee that not only wakes you up, but actually makes you happy. Let's toast our shared love for coffee - the black gold that connects us every day! And tell me, which method ultimately stole your heart? I'm super curious!


In this blog article we discuss the Aeropress and Pour-Over coffee making methods in detail. We highlight their respective advantages and disadvantages. Aeropress is valued for its speed, adaptability and convenience, while Pour-Over is praised for the control it offers over coffee brewing and the meditative experience it brings.

We encourage you to try both methods and develop your own coffee skills. Let's celebrate the coffee experience together and start a conversation about which method you prefer.