Discover El Ridículo: The Limited Edition Coffee from Colombia for the Holidays

el ridiculo

Photo credits: The Coffee Quest

The coffee we share with you today has a story as inspiring and heartwarming as its taste. Meet "El Ridículo" from Colombia, a Limited Edition coffee that will make the coming holidays even more special.

Deep Roots in Colombia

Our El Ridículo coffee has its origins in the breathtaking region of Pitalito, Huila, Colombia. It is managed with love and dedication by Flor Marina Betancourt and her family at their Finca Cataluña. This coffee paradise is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level and covers 6.5 hectares, where there are many coffee plants.

It's a family affair

The story of Finca Cataluña started with Flor, who learned everything she knows about coffee on her father's farm. After her marriage, she encouraged her husband to grow coffee on the land he inherited from his father. For the past twenty-three years, Flor, her husband and their two sons, now aged 30 and 29, have made the farm their life's work.

Sustainability is central

Finca Cataluña is not just a place where coffee is grown; it is a way of life. The family takes pride in their sustainable practices. They ferment the ripe berries for 12 hours, remove the pulp and ferment for another 40 hours. After washing the coffee beans, they dry them in a well-ventilated greenhouse for 8 to 12 days, depending on the weather.

The farm is Rainforest and UTZ certified and makes optimal use of organic waste from coffee production, which is converted into fertile compost to nourish the coffee plants. In addition, they cherish approximately half an acre of nature reserve in the highest part of their farm, which connects to a larger nature reserve. Because of this, they often find armadillos, capybaras, deer, eagles and falcons in their area.

Taste the Ridiculity

El Ridículo will be known for its unique flavor profile. With every sip you experience the taste of marzipan, the sweetness of candies and the refreshment of lemonade. These flavors take you on a journey through Colombian coffee culture.

This Limited Edition coffee is presented in special packaging, making it also the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays.

El Ridículo is not just coffee; it is an experience, a legacy and a celebration of family and sustainability. Taste it quickly, you can find the coffee here .