What is the difference between the Chemex and V60 flavour?

Chemex vs V60. It's more than just a choice between two coffee brewing methods; it's about the subtle nuances of flavor that each method brings out. Both methods are beloved by coffee lovers for their ability to bring out the rich flavors and aromas of your favorite beans.

But, as with everything, they each have their unique characteristics that set them apart in the end results of your coffee cup. Let's dive deeper into what makes each of these coffee brewing methods special and how they differ in serving up that perfect cup of comfort.

Put Chemex

If you like bright, clean flavors in your coffee, the Chemex is your best friend. But what makes the Chemex so special ? It is distinguished by its unique shape and the use of a thicker filter. This filter plays a crucial role in the brewing process; it filters out more oils and fine coffee particles than the average filter. The result?

A cup of coffee that is as smooth as silk, with a clarity of taste that you can really taste. In addition, the Chemex allows you to make larger quantities of coffee at once, which is ideal if you have guests or want several cups for yourself. It is an aesthetically beautiful device that not only enriches your coffee ritual, but is also a jewel for your kitchen.

Set performance

The Chemex, with its elegant design and special filters, turns coffee brewing into an art. One of the most notable features of brewing with a Chemex is the consistent extraction it provides.

Thanks to the shape of the carafe and the thickness of the filter paper, water is retained in the coffee for longer, allowing it to penetrate thoroughly into the coffee grounds. This process ensures a uniform extraction, ensuring that every sip of your coffee is balanced and full of flavor.

Furthermore, the precision required in the infusion, where the water is poured in a steady, circular motion, allows the user to find a moment of peace and reflection in the brewing process. This not only produces a coffee of superior quality, but also creates a moment of mindfulness.

Main flavor characteristics of Chemex coffee

The unique brewing process of Chemex filter coffee results in an unparalleled taste experience. The coffee resulting from this method is characterized by its remarkable clarity and purity of taste.

Chemex coffee enthusiasts especially appreciate the subtle flavor nuances and the reduced bitterness, which is the result of the thorough filtration process.

The coffee has a light to medium body, which makes the intrinsic flavors and aromas of the coffee bean, such as floral or fruity notes, more prominent. This makes every cup not only a pleasure to drink, but also a fascinating taste discovery tour.

V60 brewing coffee

Like the Chemex, the V60 is among the elite of coffee brewing methods, but with its own unique twist. The distinctive V-shaped design, paired with the spiral ribs on the inside, ensures that the expansion of the coffee is optimal and the water can flow evenly. This results in a coffee that is rich in aromas and has a clean, clear taste.

The V60 challenges the user to experiment with different grind levels and pouring techniques, allowing every coffee lover to find their perfect cup. With the V60, every brewing moment becomes a personal experience, where subtle differences in pouring method and water temperature can lead to a multitude of flavor profiles.

This method invites creativity and offers an accessible way to enjoy coffee in its purest form.

Main flavor characteristics of V60 coffee

The key to the unique experience of V60 coffee lies in the refinement and complexity of its taste. Users will especially notice the bright, clean finish that rounds off each sip, a feature that sets the V60 apart from other brewing methods.

This purity allows you to explore the deeper notes of the coffee, such as the subtle sweetness sometimes reminiscent of sugar cane or even slight hints of citrus, depending on the coffee bean used.

It is this delicate balance of flavors that makes the V60 the favorite of many who want to delve deeper into the world of coffee and appreciate how this method brings out the intrinsic characteristics of the coffee bean.


If we compare the Chemex and V60, a fascinating dialogue about brewing coffee arises. Both methods have their charms and attract different coffee lovers. The Chemex filters coffee into a clean cup with a refined, subtle taste.

The V60 is a playground for adventurers who experiment with grind levels, water temperatures and pouring techniques. It accentuates rich aromas and leaves a bright taste, ideal for those who want to discover the depth of coffee. Both methods strive for the same goal: the perfect cup of coffee. They invite you to a ritual to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.