Fellow Ode Gen 2 Review: Is this the must-have coffee grinder?

Fellow Ode Gen 2 review

There's a new coffee grinder in town, meet the Fellow Ode Gen 2 - an update to one of the most hyped coffee grinders. Designed for both the home barista and coffee experts. We'll discuss the updates and features, how it compares to the first generation and if it's the right reel for you. Will the Ode take your coffee game to the next level?

Fellow is known for its beautiful design and aesthetics. The Ode Gen 2 is no different - it's a sleek and modern grinder that looks great on any countertop. But looks aren't everything, so let's get into the details of what this reel can do. Is this really the best coffee grinder for the home?

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What are the differences between the Fellow Ode Gen 2 and its predecessor the Gen 1?

The first-generation Ode basically has everything a good coffee grinder should have, but had some drawbacks. While it's a fantastic reel with some tweaks, it wasn't the most user-friendly reel.

Static electricity

One of the biggest complaints of the previous model was static. Ground coffee stuck to the inside of the grinder door and the sides of the grinder. It was all in all a messy experience. To overcome this problem, users had to spray the beans with water before grinding.

Fellow has listened to his customers and made some design changes to reduce static. The biggest change is the addition of their anti-static technology at the end of the spout. This helps to reduce the amount of coffee residue. The grinder stays clean and therefore works a lot better in your daily routine.


Another drawback of the first-generation Ode was the burrs. They were interlocking and couldn't grind fine enough. For lightly roasted coffee beans, it was not fine enough for proper extraction. In addition, there was a wide spread of particles, which could easily clog your filter.

This is by far the best upgrade of the new generation Ode. Get rid of the old interlocking flat burrs - Fellow has equipped the Gen 2 with an all new V2 burr set. The new burrs can grind coffee beans much finer, making it easier to extract lightly roasted coffee beans. They've improved particle dispersion so you can brew more easily without clogging your filter.

Bean container

While I didn't have too many issues with the original bean hopper, I know some people did. The angle wasn't steep enough for the coffee to slide into the grinder and you had to manually insert the beans.

Fellow has addressed this problem by changing the angle of the bean container. Now the beans slide down easily and there is no need to push them a bit. They also made it slightly bigger for those who like to brew larger amounts of coffee. The updated grinder has a larger 100 gram bean container compared to the original 80 gram container.

collection tray

The collection container is slightly larger due to the larger capacity of the bean container. It is not the most striking upgrade, but it works very well.

benefits fellow ode gen 2

Is the Fellow Ode Gen 2 suitable for espresso

The Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2 focuses on getting the very best out of your filter coffee. Due to its grinding discs and motor, it is unfortunately not suitable for making espresso.

You can with the new Fellow Opus, which is also adaptable to a whole range of other brewing methods.

I personally recommend the Mahlkonig x54 as an excellent all-rounder that can handle very good espresso grinds. If espresso isn't your go-to brewing method, the Ode Gen 2 is a step up for people who really want to experience what a high-quality coffee grinder has to offer.

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For which brewing methods can you use the Fellow Ode Gen 2?

The Fellow Ode Gen 2 is a very versatile mill that you can use for different brewing methods. Below is an overview of the brewing methods:

  • Prism
  • Aeropress
  • Pour over
  • Cupping
  • Electric coffee maker
  • French Press
  • Cold brew

My own experience with the Fellow Ode Gen 2

We ourselves have the Fellow Ode Gen 2 in the kitchen at home and use it every day for our Hario V60 and Origami coffees. A great mill that I can hardly do without.

What do I like about the mill?

First of all, the mill is relatively quiet. Of course it makes noise and especially with a light-roast coffee you can hear the mill grinding quite a bit. But compared to the Baratza we had before, it is really a lot softer.

In addition, the Fellow Ode Gen 2 grinds super fast and automatically stops grinding when the coffee is through. Super handy of course!

Furthermore, the mill looks very luxurious and its metal finish makes it a really solid machine that can take a prominent place on your kitchen counter.

Mess free morning. Thanks to the anti-static technology that Fellow has applied in the design of the Ode 2, no coffee grounds will stick to your grinder or it will dust up. You get less retention and you have to clean much less. I say great!

What do I not like about the mill?

If I am very honest, but really very honest, I have not yet been able to discover any negatives. I will keep this blog updated. So if I come across a few, I'll be sure to list them below.


The Fellow Ode Gen 2 is an impressive upgrade from its predecessor, with several improvements that make the reel even better for home use. The addition of anti-static technology solves the problem of static electricity and provides a cleaner grinding experience.

The new V2 burrs deliver a finer grind and improved particle dispersion, making it easier to extract lightly roasted coffee beans without clogging your filter.

The bean container has been modified for smoother bean feeding, and the collection container is slightly larger and more convenient to use.