Why Black Roes

guaranteed fresh

Our coffees are packaged within minutes of roasting in our 100% recyclable packaging and provided with a roast date. This way you are always assured of the freshest coffee!

Ultimate taste experience

We always light or medium roast our specialty coffee beans to bring out all the exciting flavours. No more bitter or ashy coffee, but sweet, smooth and subtle.

Healthy Choice

All our lab-tested coffees are free of Mysotixine and no artificial additives. All listed flavor profiles occur naturally in the coffee. Just coffee. What else?

Known from


Where the best of both worlds come together. Combined in carefully composed blends. Discover these accessible all-rounders, no matter how you drink your coffee.

Filter specials

Where the subtly fruity and sometimes funky flavors come together. Lighter roasted for an ultimate taste experience.

filter specials
Single origin
Single Origins

Do you like to taste the origin of the coffee in your espresso or cappuccino and are you looking for unique taste profiles? Then start your coffee adventure with our Single Origin Collection.

Others enjoy our freshly roasted coffee

Jeroen Overwater
Delicious coffee

Good fast delivery with nice personal card. Can I appreciate. Still tasty too, I'm not sure what the fave is yet ;)

Esther Rooker
Angel on your tongue

How enjoyable it is to drink your coffee every time! Opening the bag makes me happy!

Garry Wilton
Delicious and really smooth

Really delicious and super smooth to drink - maple, orange and brown sugar is really a combo to my heart. Super happy with a subscription. I happen to be drinking it right now - nice from a French Press.

Black Haze drinkers enjoy


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100% recyclable






Coffee lovers Eline and Marvin – founders of Zwarte Roes – love specialty coffee and offer quality, but just a little bit different. Their coffee is not only special, but also responsible.


Black Whirl Vs. other coffee

Here's the difference between Zwarte Roes and other coffees

Zwarte Roes Logo Header white Coffee from the supermarket
Roasted to order
Hand-picked Specialty Coffee
Provided with the ultimate brewing advice
Fair Trade +
Burn date on packaging
Roasted to order
Hand-picked Specialty Coffee
Provided with the ultimate brewing advice
Fair Trade +
Burn date on packaging
Zwarte Roes Logo Header white
Coffee from the supermarket

about the founders

about the founders

Marvin Anthony

co-Founder Zwarte Roes

After discovering in 2015 how 'dirty' the coffee chain was, Marvin Antonius, co-founder of Zwarte Roes, decided that things had to be done differently.

Zwarte Roes: The specialty coffee, micro-roasting house that focuses on quality and the faces behind the product. Through the Fairtrade+ approach, adding real value without having to compromise on quality.


co-Founder Zwarte Roes

Together with Marvin Antonius, Eline Ulu, co-founder of Zwarte Roes, has embarked on the adventure to significantly upgrade the quality of the coffee we drink everywhere.

"Barely 5 years ago I didn't really like the coffee anywhere. I had heard of specialty coffee, but then I didn't understand 'that world' very much. My mission is to bridge the gap between the people who do want to make a little more of their cup of coffee and the wonderful world of specialty coffee."

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ZR proefpakkket verse koffiebonen
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