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Where does the name 'Black Roes' come from?

Hehe finally! We are regularly asked where the name 'Black Roes' comes from, what it means and how our company actually came about.

Finally a few steps back in this blog. We would love to tell you more about the creation of our company and the associated name :-)

Black Rust

Black Whirl - the name

We have already explained it a bit in the picture above. It's really just a fun, creative idea.

With a nod to the world. In short, it is about the intoxication you would get, if you experience it that way, from a nice cup of strong and especially black coffee.

The intoxication is described as 'light intoxication' and the black really stands for the coffee itself. The black gold. So without milk ;-), but you can also use it with!

If you really need coffee in the morning to get through the day, you understand me ;-).


You probably recognize that with certain important moments in your life you think in terms of before and after "major-happening".

Just say something like before Chr. and after Chr. Recently this moment has changed for us to "before the birth of our son Ian" (read: before, in the sense of normal nights and normal functioning), but before that this moment was our beautiful world trip by default.

Marvin and Eline world tour

From 2015 to 2017 Marvin and I made a wonderful world trip together in which we visited 15 different countries.

Before this trip around the world, our interest in better coffee had already been awakened and we often bought coffee beans from Simon Levelt, for example (step in the right direction...).

But while traveling, this interest developed itself even more. Because both Australia and New Zealand used to be too far away for freshly roasted coffee to arrive (transport by boat), a culture of local freshly roasted coffee has arisen out of necessity.

And this is still the case there, and you can taste the difference! This is how "drinking coffee somewhere" became an experience in itself, and this was often a regular part of our daily schedule in these countries :-). Luckily this never got boring!

Later we also visited some coffee plantations and farms in South and Central America and we met people who work in the coffee industry. Wonderful to see how much love and hard work is captivated with this!

This only fueled our love for coffee even more, and so we decided to become part of the development of specialty coffee in the Netherlands!

Or at least, wanting to contribute to this... And that's what we do! Our way, with full enthusiasm and passion.


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