Maintenance Sage coffee machine; how do I clean my Sage coffee machine?

Cleaning sage

A frequently asked question... "How can I best clean my Sage?" Fortunately, because with proper maintenance, your Sage machine will last a lot longer! Coffee is greasy, and that deposits on the inside of your coffee machine.

It saves a lot if you use fresh and not too dark roasted coffee beans!

But no matter how often or how little you make coffee, it is very important to maintain your coffee machine to clean it regularly.

That's why I wrote this blog with the basics for maintaining your Sage coffee machine.

What do you have to clean daily? What is the best way to descale your Sage Barista Express? How often do you replace your Sage Water Filter?

I will explain all these questions below and tell you how to easily perform this cleaning routine.

Cleaning Sage coffee machine

Daily maintenance

Apart from a major cleaning, I first advise you to always knock the puk (ground coffee that has already been used) out of your portafilter, immediately after making your coffee. The Sage Knock-Box is perfect for this.

This way you avoid smashing your trash in half ;-). The Sage coffee machine can get very hot and then you have a chance that the ground coffee particles will dry into the holes of your filter basket.

Not a disaster if you forget it once, but try to make it a routine to empty it before putting it back.

In addition, I also recommend, especially on hot days, to empty and rinse your drip tray every day.

When the weather is warm, mold tends to grow on it quickly, a nice warm and humid environment is probably attractive :-)

Sage Clean me

Frequency: When the machine indicates it

Fortunately, especially for people who sometimes want to forget something because of the daily hassle, your Sage coffee machine indicates when it would like to be cleaned.

After every 200 settings a 'clean me' message will appear on your screen.

Sage coffee machines also come with two cleaning tablets and a cleaning kit. This is very useful for the big cleaning once in a while.

The machine itself indicates when this is necessary, but if you are in doubt, you can always clean on your own initiative.

To do this, use your portafilter with a single-walled single filter tray in it, and place the black rubber 'blind filter' in it. Here you put a tablet in the middle and then you put the portafilter in the machine.

Make sure there is enough water in the water tank.

Note: previously the blind filter had a hole in it through which the water drained out very slowly. Now it is just completely closed and the water comes back through the drip tray, so it is not visible.

There are videos in which they demonstrate the old model and you see water running out of it. So don't be surprised if you don't see this happening :-)

The next steps differ slightly per model. At the Sage Barista Express, the 'clean me' light comes on and you know it's time to clean your sage.

With the Sage The Barista Pro and The Oracle, 'flush' is displayed. And with the Sage The Barista Touch and The Oracle Touch you can be guided all the way through the cleaning cycle via the menu.

Below I explain per model how to perform this cleaning program.

Sage The Barista Express clean me (how to)

Read more below on how to clean a Sage Barista Express .

When the machine needs to be cleaned, the Clean Me light is on.

1) Place the rubber blind filter in the portafilter with single wall tray and put the cleaning tablet on the blind filter.

2) Insert the portafilter into your Sage Barista Express.

3) Press the power button, the 1 cup and the 2 cup at the same time until 'Clean me' starts flashing.

4) Now the cleaning program has started. This takes about 5 minutes.

5) When the cleaning cycle is over, remove the portafilter from the machine and see if the cleaning tablet has completely dissolved. (If not, repeat this process one more time, or 2 or 3).

6) Then rinse the machine, the portafilter and the blind filter thoroughly to make sure that there are no cleaning residues left! The first cup of coffee you make after this MAY taste a bit strange, so you can throw it away immediately. After that it should be good again :-)

Video: Sage Barista express clean me cycle

Sage The Barista Pro & The Oracle Flush (how to)

Cleaning a Sage Barista Pro and an Oracle is slightly different. When the machine needs to be cleaned, FLUSH appears on the screen, instead of the clean me light that comes on with other Sage coffee machines.

1) Place the rubber blind filter in the portafilter with single wall tray and put the cleaning tablet on the blind filter.

2) Insert the portafilter into your Sage Barista Pro or Sage The Oracle

3) Press MENU, then use the rotary knob (from Grind Amount) to select Flush until it starts flashing and confirm your choice by pressing the rotary knob.

4) Then the button for 1 espresso lights up and you can press it to start the cleaning cycle.

5) Now the cleaning program has started. This takes about 5 minutes.

6) If after the first program there are still remnants of the tablet, repeat the above process one more time (or 2 or 3...). Then rinse well to make sure that there are no cleaning residues left! The first cup of coffee you make after this MAY taste a bit strange, so you can throw it away immediately. After that it should be good again :-)

Sage The Oracle : This process is very similar to that of the Barista Pro. Go to the menu and select 'Clean Cycle'.

Video: Sage Barista Pro Flush cycle

Cleanse Sage The Oracle Touch & The Barista Touch

The Sage Touch models ( Sage Barista Touch and the Sage Oracle Touch ) guide you step by step through the cleaning session via the touchscreen. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

View all Sage cleaning products you need to enjoy your machine for years to come.

Sage Water filter use and replacement

Frequency: Every 2 to 3 months, or when machine indicates

Every Sage coffee machine comes with a water filter . The water filter filters most of the limescale out of the water, so it doesn't end up in your device.

Together with the supplied strip you can determine how hard the water is that comes out of your tap. You then adjust your machine to this when you use it for the first time. Sage recommends replacing the water filter of your Sage espresso machine at least every 2 months , more often with intensive use. This is not an obligation, but it is advisable to adhere to it. You have purchased a beautiful, expensive coffee machine that you want to enjoy for years to come. Investing some time in maintenance is therefore a no-brainer in my opinion.

Placing the Sage water filter is very simple. Remove the used water filter and replace it with the new one.

Make sure you soak the new water filter for 5 minutes and place it firmly in the holder.

Descale Sage

Frequency: Every 2 to 3 months

Even if you always use a water filter, it is advisable to descale your Sage espresso machine once in a while with the Sage The Descaler .

This is for extending the life of your Sage coffee machine. This is because some lime always ends up in the machine. A good indicator is if you see some limescale residues in your water reservoir.

We recommend not descaling with vinegar, as this can be too aggressive for some parts.

View all sage maintenance products here

Troubleshooting Sage Coffee Machine

There is coffee grounds/ground coffee in my espresso.

1. Before brewing your espresso, make sure you wipe the coffee residues off the edges of your portafilter. Even the smallest coffee particles can break the seal between the portafilter and the brewhead, causing pressure to dissipate and coffee to spill over the edges.

2. Clean the brewhead regularly with the supplied brush or with a cloth to remove all coffee residues.

3. Back-flush the machine

4. Remove the portafilter and press the 'manual' button. Let the water run and put the portafilter in the machine and take it out again. Repeat this rotating movement to remove any remaining coffee residue from the rubber ring in the brewhead.

My steam pipe is blocked. I can no longer froth milk.

  1. Use the supplied pin and pierce the holes in the tip of the steam wand. This will remove any blockages from dried-on milk.

  2. Dip the tip of the steam pipe in hot water for about 20 minutes and 'steam' thoroughly afterwards.

  3. Unscrew the tip of the steam pipe and clean it thoroughly. For stubborn milk residues, you can also soak it in soapy water. Place it back and 'steam' it well.

What should I do if the Sage Clean me light is on?

When the "clean me" light on the Sage the Barista Express is on, you need to clean the machine. You do this by starting the cleaning cycle and placing the cleaning tablet in the filter holder. Then you carry out the cleaning cycle according to the instructions in the manual of the machine. Make sure you clean the machine regularly to maintain the proper functioning and taste of the coffee.

My brew group, steam pipe or hot water pipe is leaking

Clean your machine very well, run a descaling cycle and replace the water filter. This way you remove all lime blockages that can cause such leaks.

Water comes/runs past my portafilter when I make coffee with my Sage

Ah, that is of course very annoying. There is a good chance that the rubber that is in your brew group is worn out or dried out. You can easily replace these to solve this problem. I advise you to contact Sage Support on 0800 0201741. They can quickly conclude where the problem lies and explain how you can install a new rubber ring.