Koffie op kantoor

Coffee in the office

Good coffee is no longer just reserved for the hospitality industry or the tough home barista! More and more employers are also making a difference at the office by offering sustainable, high-quality coffee beans to both customers and employees.

Zwarte Roes can also contribute to this and we have already made a number of offices very happy with our solutions.

A machine for the office

You don't need a barista to drink good Zwarte Roes coffee at the office. There is an easier solution: a fully automatic coffee machine that is perfectly adjusted to the coffee.

With the push of a button and minimal maintenance, you can serve delicious coffee to your employees or customers.

Plan of approach

If you are considering switching to a new coffee supplier, machine or total solution - please contact us.

We always organize a non-binding tasting of our coffee because we believe that the main motivation should be 'taste'. After that, we always have a tailor-made meeting to look at the demand for coffee at the office:

  • what type of coffee do you want to be able to prepare (espresso, coffee, cappuccino, etc.)
  • how many cups of coffee do you use per day on average
  • how many employees or customers do you have on average every day
  • what is your budget
  • what is your expectation

Delivery and service

Based on the above information, we prepare a quotation and, after approval by the client, we order the right machine. We adjust these completely to the coffee (possibly together with the customer) and deliver and install them personally.

We also provide instructions on maintenance for the longest possible life of the machine. We are always available by phone to answer any questions and take action.

It is also always possible to hold a new tasting after a while and switch to a coffee of a different origin.

machine type

We work together with various machine suppliers. The actual choice depends on the required capacity, the desired coffee recipes and the available budget.

Good coffee doesn't have to be expensive

If you feel that good coffee at the office is expensive, I can quickly remove this concern.

You get about 125 cups of coffee from a kilo of coffee, which results in a price of about € 0.15 / cup. Take a look at which coffees we have in our assortment !

Prefer your own label?

Your own label is also an option! A very nice way to expand your branding.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a meeting right away, send an email to [email protected] or call Marvin on 06 83 20 05 15.