INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY 2021 - Focus: Coffee's Next Generation

INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY 2021 - Focus: Coffee's Next Generation

Photo credit: Grounds Costa Rica & Gaia Artisan Coffee.

It's almost that time again, the international day of coffee on October 1. Last year I told you in this blog about how this day came about, and that every year a different focus is chosen by the organization.

I thought it would be fun to continue that this year!

This year.

This year, the day is entirely dedicated to the new generation in coffee country: Coffee's Next Generation. The organization writes the following about this (source:

“The covid-19 pandemic is a global health crisis with extreme economic consequences that has also created an unprecedented situation in the coffee sector, negatively impacting both supply and demand for the first time. Even before covid-19, farmers were already struggling due to the low coffee prices and global and environmental challenges and threats.

In light of the cumulative effects of the coffee price crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, there is not only a serious threat to the livelihoods of coffee farmers today, but also a dramatic risk to the future of coffee tomorrow. An increasing number of young people in coffee farming families are already shifting from the family business to other jobs that they see as more progressive and lucrative for their future. In addition, many of the jobs often occupied by young people in the coffee world have been lost recently."

Every year, the organization behind International Coffee Day seizes the opportunity to celebrate coffee in its entirety as the most popular drink in the world.

It is a great opportunity for them to promote sustainable initiatives in the coffee world and to raise awareness about the difficult situations that coffee growers often find themselves in.

What exactly do they mean by this?

They mainly want to invest in young people. This will bring both innovative and sustainable solutions to the coffee sector, helping to build a better, fairer and more prosperous coffee sector.

It will also help in the recovery from the covid-19 crisis. In addition, it will also increase the involvement of young people in coffee cultivation.

" To empower these young women and men to build a prosperous and sustainable future, this initiative aims to provide them with access to finance and knowledge, skills development, coaching and training and networking. 'Coffee's Next Generation' aims to Engage ICO members and all coffee stakeholders in working with youth organizations, industry leaders and associations, international organizations, development and finance partners and coffee consumers, to invest in youth and bring their innovative ideas to life. enthusiasm to benefit the entire coffee community and recover from the pandemic and build a more prosperous future.

Do you want to get involved in this beautiful foundation or donate? Then take a look at their website here: