Marvin en Eline, Zwarte Roes, Hoornse koffiebranderij

Hoornse Koffiebranderij Zwarte Roes brings freshly roasted specialty coffee to the region

Article by : Westfries Weekblad

HOORN - Since November 2017, Hoorn has gained a coffee roaster. Born from a passion for dedication, craft and purity. Honest products of high quality. Zwarte Roes, started by world citizens Marvin and Eline, brings the best coffees from all over the world to Hoorn.

Zwarte Roes stands for the intoxication and the boost you get every morning when you drink your cup of black gold before you start your day. During a world trip in which Marvin and Eline came into contact with various coffee cultures, the idea arose to take coffee to a higher level in Hoorn as well. In Australia and New Zealand, for example, a lot of cafes roast their own coffee. They had never drunk coffee so fresh and delicious.

Why an artisan coffee roaster

“It is such a shame that the craft has disappeared from coffee and almost everything comes from large multinationals,” says Marvin. “Certainly with a product like coffee you can do so much more with the right dedication and attention than what is currently being offered. A fresh bread from a traditional baker is also much tastier than the bread from the supermarket, right?

The faces behind Zwarte Roes

But what role do Marvin and Eline actually have at Zwarte Roes? “At Zwarte Roes we buy our green, unroasted coffee beans ourselves from selected importers. They have already assessed this coffee on quality and taste. When purchasing this green raw material, we pay attention to sustainability and fair trade in the producing country. We therefore have coffees in our range of which we really know almost everything! What price was paid for this, when the coffee was harvested, whether it was organically processed, and even which farm or cooperative produced this coffee.”

A unique concept

They test and roast these green coffee beans in their own Hoornse coffee roasting facility. Once Marvin has found the right recipe for the specific coffee, it is offered to the wider public. “What makes this concept so special is that we always roast our coffee to order. We communicate this transparently by printing a roast date on the coffee bags, and ensure that our customers never have to drink old coffee again. Super freshly roasted coffee with aromas bursting from it.”

Online coffee shop

Zwarte Roes focuses on the private and business market. For example, you can drink Zwarte Roes coffee in a number of catering establishments, but also at the estate agent, for example. “Our private customers order in our online coffee shop. We do not have a physical store. In 2018 we will try to create even more awareness in Hoorn, and we have the ambition that our coffee will be served even more often within the catering industry of Hoorn and the surrounding area.”

On you can take a look behind the scenes of this coffee roasting house, read everything about coffee (tips) and of course also order fresh coffee.