Favorite Coffee: Will it Come Back?

Will he come back

A frequently asked question, a common problem... Or well, problem? Sometimes it's nice to be forced to try something new, who knows, you might have a new favorite coffee.

But of course I understand very well. You taste different coffees, compare, get a favorite. You get used to the taste and suddenly it's sold out. Occasionally that is really temporary, for example if we have been able to reserve another bale of this favorite specialty coffee with one of our partners and we are still waiting for it to be delivered... But usually it is really gone unfortunately.

A step back: a harvest of Specialty coffee beans

Coffee beans are not something that can be reproduced 1 to 1 in a factory for example. We purchase with the greatest care based on our own taste preferences for specialty coffee, our knowledge of which types of coffees you liked best in the past and on the basis of quality reports in combination with the price of the current harvest of specialty coffee. What we buy then is really (part of) that harvest, that year, and usually when we find out that a coffee is received very enthusiastically by you, there is usually no possibility for us to buy more because the harvest then it is already sold out.

We usually buy when the coffee beans are still in the country of origin. Then we get different samples, sample burn them and cup them. In this blog about Specialty Coffee we tell you more about that. If we approve them, part of the harvest will be kept aside for us, and then it's just a guess how this coffee will be received by us and you and how fast this coffee goes.

Our assortment

Fixed Specialty Coffee in our range

We also have many coffees in our range that are semi-solid in the range. Our regular Specialty Coffee range. This sounds nice and vague, of course, "sort of semi-solid", but in practice it really is! We enter into long-term relationships with our partners, but no harvest is the same the next year. Nature is not that, of course, not as with wine, for example. A harvest can even fail. Very sad for the local coffee farmers, sometimes also very unfortunate for us. In Brazil, 40% of the harvest has recently failed due to unexpected frost.

In addition, a harvest may have been successful, but at that moment no longer suit us due to a changed taste profile, too low a quality or a too high price that no longer fits our offer. Even then we decide to remove the coffee from the range or replace it with a comparable coffee bean.

Fixed specialty coffees in our range are, for example, the Blend No.1 , Colombia Giraldo , Ethiopia Sidamo and Brasil Capricornio . Partly because these coffees are also served in catering and other business settings, we try to keep this offer reasonably steady. But of course quality comes first! So this promise is subject to change. And of course even the solid coffees can run out before the new harvest has arrived in Europe. No matter how hard we try to prevent this (buy in plenty without taking too much margin due to the freshness of a harvest), this can unfortunately really happen. Because specialty coffee is a scarce product.

Temporary specials for espresso and filter

In other words, the coffees I mainly refer to in this blog are really temporary specials. We distinguish between our permanent range as described above, temporary specials for espresso and temporary specials for filter. Our filter coffees are currently always specials and none of them are a permanent part of the range. So what's available today could potentially be gone tomorrow.

So for espresso we have a fixed assortment and temporary espresso specials that change. Unfortunately, we really cannot say how long they will be available. That depends entirely on the combination of how much we have purchased of this specialty coffee and how much you like this coffee!

And, will it come back?

Very occasionally, as is the case with the Indonesia Toraja Parindingan, a harvest will indeed come in the following year because this coffee was received so enthusiastically and we again received delicious samples that were approved by us.

Of course you can always ask us questions about this, because if we know that a certain coffee has been very popular and we will receive new samples again in the new year, that of course really gives an extra plus for purchasing the coffee. Feedback is always very nice for this.

But we cannot promise this in advance, because so many factors play a role in this. Like the Uganda Lava Cherry that was received so enthusiastically last year... We listened to you and bought it again. But unfortunately just before transport, the company went bankrupt and this great coffee was confiscated. Again... Very sad for the coffee farmer, very unfortunate for the enthusiasts!

Please keep sending us messages!

As I said before, feedback on this is very welcome! So really let us know if you see that your favorite coffee is sold out and you are sorry. Use the contact form on the relevant product page of your favorite specialty coffee or send us an email at [email protected]. We take everything into consideration!