6 best films about coffee

films about coffee

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks around the world. Not only does it have a delicious taste and energizing effect, but it has also created a unique culture. The delicious aroma, unique taste and versatility of the drink are just some of the reasons why coffee is so loved by people all over the world.

Many films have been made about coffee and the culture surrounding it. If you love coffee as much as we do, then you've come to the right place! Here are the 6 best movies about coffee that you shouldn't miss.

Barista (2015)

Barista is a fascinating documentary that delves deep into the professional world of coffee. It not only follows five baristas, but also provides a behind-the-scenes look as they intensively prepare for the prestigious US Barista Championships.

This film reveals the complexity and meticulousness involved in preparing perfect cups of coffee, for both the passionate amateur and the seasoned professional.

Various advanced techniques are demonstrated and it is explained how the craftsmanship and tireless passion for coffee are vital.

However, Barista goes further than just a documentary about coffee. It highlights coffee's unique ability to bring people together, stimulate conversations and build communities. It is a true celebration of the culture and social significance of this beloved beverage.

The Coffee Man (2016)

the coffee man movie

The Coffee Man tells the inspiring story of Sasa Sestic, a former professional footballer from Bosnia. After his career in football, Sasa discovered his love for coffee and became passionate about finding the best coffee in the world.

Determined to make his dream come true, Sasa decided to buy his own coffee plantation in the heart of Colombia.

Driven by his passion for coffee, Sasa dedicates his life to perfecting the roasting process. He experiments with different techniques and travels the world in search of the most refined coffee beans.

From Melbourne to the vast coffee plantations of Colombia, the film follows Sasa on his inspiring journey.

The Coffee Man takes you into the world of quality coffee and shows how dedication and craftsmanship lead to extraordinary results. This film will touch anyone who values ​​quality and craftsmanship, and who is inspired by the pursuit of perfection.

Black Coffee (2014)

black coffee movie

Black Coffee is a 2014 comedy film starring the talented actor Darrin Dewitt Henson. The story revolves around Robert, a successful millionaire who has a great passion for coffee.

When he falls in love with a woman who does not share the same love for coffee, he tries to win her over by seducing her with his extensive knowledge of coffee.

The movie "Black Coffee" is not only entertaining, but also an absolute must for coffee lovers who want to know more about the romantic life of a millionaire. You will definitely enjoy the hilarious situations and surprising twists in this film.

Coffee Town (2013)

coffee town

Coffee Town is a 2013 comedy set in a picturesque town, where three best friends spend every day at their favorite coffee shop. But their daily routine is disrupted when they discover that the coffee shop is closing soon. Determined to save their beloved place, they begin a search for a new location to spend their days.

Featuring a cast of some of comedy's most talented actors, the film is packed with hilarious jokes and situations that any coffee lover can relate to. From clumsy baristas to clumsy coffee recipes, every scene is infused with the delicious aromas and flavors of freshly brewed coffee.

"Coffee Town" is a light and relaxing film that takes you on a journey full of humor and enjoyment. Ideal to view during a relaxing afternoon, while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee that stimulates your senses and lets you dream away to the coziness of your favorite coffee shop.

One More Cup of Coffee (2016)

One More Cup of Coffee is a compelling documentary that highlights the profound influence of coffee on the world. This film takes us on a fascinating journey as we discover how coffee influences our daily lives and how it has influenced the formation of our society.

We explore the rich variety of cultures and economies that have evolved around this beloved drink over the years.

Furthermore, the film also sheds light on the challenges facing the coffee industry, such as the impact of climate change and the growing demand for sustainably produced coffee.

With beautiful images and deep insights, this documentary shows us how coffee is so much more than just a hot drink, but a powerful symbol of connection, history and meaning.

Coffee Shop (2014)

Coffee Shop is a wonderful romantic comedy starring Laura Vandervoort. She plays the role of a passionate coffee shop owner who loses her heart to Ryan, the charming owner of a nearby shop. The film takes us into the fascinating world of coffee, focusing on the mutual relationships between the owners of different coffee houses in a local shopping center.

As sparks fly between Laura and Ryan, we are taken on a heartwarming journey through the enchanting aromas and flavors of coffee. But Coffee Shop is more than just a romantic comedy; it also reveals how coffee plays an essential role in our social interactions and communities. It brings us together, creates connections and provides a sanctuary where we can enjoy precious moments with friends and loved ones.

Let yourself be carried away by the irresistible charm of Coffee Shop and discover how coffee not only pampers our senses, but also warms our hearts. A film that is both funny and moving and reminds us how important it is to enjoy the small, everyday pleasures of life.


Making the perfect cup of coffee is something that many people take seriously, from baristas to beverage enthusiasts. These six films provide an insight into the role coffee plays in our lives and how it can inspire us.

Whether you want to see a documentary, a comedy or a romantic film, there is always a film that suits you. If you are a real coffee lover, we definitely recommend that you watch these great coffee films.

This way you will not only learn more about the history of coffee, but you can also enjoy delicious coffee while you enjoy it!