What's in Café Cubano?

cafe cubano

Café Cubano, who doesn't know it? But what exactly is Café Cubano? How does it differ from other coffee varieties? Let's dive deeper into the answers to these questions.

Café Cubano, also known as Cuban coffee or espresso Cubano, is a type of espresso that originally comes from Cuba. But it's not just any espresso. The unique preparation method and the addition of 'crema' sugar makes it a real delight for coffee lovers!

Sure, the word 'espresso' might make you think of a small, strong, (sometimes a bit) bitter coffee. But there is more going on at Café Cubano. Yes, it's strong, but it's also sweet, rich, and oh so creamy! And that's just the beginning of what Café Cubano has to offer. Let's discover this delicious drink together.

Origin and heritage

Café Cubano, a traditional Cuban espresso steeped in heritage and tradition, takes you on a journey through the country's rich history. This flavorful treat is not just a cup of coffee, it is a symbol of the warm and welcoming spirit of the Cuban people.

When preparing Café Cubano, delicious 'crema' sugar is added during the cooking process, giving the coffee a unique sweet and rich taste. It is the perfect balance between the strong and robust espresso and the sweet aromas of the sugar.

But Café Cubano is more than just a taste experience. It represents the rich culture and traditions of Cuba, a tribute to the country's heritage and the passion of its people. Every sip takes you to the cobbled streets of Havana, the colorful colonial architecture and the vibrant music that embraces the soul of the island.

So, the next time you enjoy a cup of Café Cubano, indulge not only in its delicious taste, but also in the deep-rooted origins and heritage it brings.

Main ingredients

What exactly is Cafe Cubano? Well, the heart of a delicious Café Cubano lies in the selection of ingredients. It all starts with a fully roasted espresso bean. But what makes it unique is the addition of 'crema' sugar during the brewing process, which gives the coffee its characteristic sweet and rich taste.

Creating the perfect Café Cubano is an art in itself. While the espresso is brewing, the crema sugar is added. This sugar is perhaps one of the best sweeteners for coffee , as it beautifully tempers the strong flavor of the espresso without overpowering the rich coffee aromas.

But let's not forget that Cafe Cubano is more than just the ingredients. The preparation, the ritual and the respect for tradition are equally important. So, the next time you take a sip of your Café Cubano, remember the craftsmanship and love that goes into every cup.

How to put it

Brewing the perfect Cafe Cubano starts with selecting the right coffee beans. You need a full-bodied espresso bean that can deliver Cafe Cubano's signature robust flavor. After the selection of the beans, the preparation of the espresso follows.

For the traditional Cafe Cubano, the coffee is not simply made, it is a process that requires craftsmanship and attention to detail. Start by grinding your beans to a fine consistency. Read again our step-by-step plan for making the perfect espresso and prepare a great shot first!

The real secret to a great Cafe Cubano is in the sugar. While the espresso is being brewed, the 'crema' sugar is added. It's the perfect balance of sweet and strong, with the sugar beautifully tempering the bitterness of the espresso without overpowering the rich coffee aromas. The right time and the right amount of sugar are crucial for achieving the perfect sweetness.

Finally, it is important to respect the correct ratio of espresso to sugar. The general rule is to use one part sugar to two parts espresso, but this can vary depending on your personal preference and the strength of the beans you use. Personally, I think this is a bit too sweet, but then again, I'm not Cuban :-)

Well, that's Cafe Cubano in a nutshell! A carefully balanced espresso, sweetened with the perfect amount of sugar and presented with respect for the Cuban coffee culture.

Strength and Boldness

When you ask the question, “What is Cafe Cubano?”, you might think of a strong, intense flavor explosion that sends your taste buds into action. That's exactly what Cafe Cubano does! It's not just a coffee, it's a statement, a powerful expression of authentic Cuban coffee culture. A good Cafe Cubano has a strong taste that immediately wakes you up and stimulates your senses. It's the kind of coffee you won't soon forget, one that holds its own.

The preparation method plays an important role in achieving this characteristic strong taste. The addition of sugar during the coffee-making process is an essential part of making a true Cafe Cubano. The sugar not only provides a sweet contrast to the strong espresso, but also contributes to increased alertness and an energy boost.

There is something unique about the way the Cafe Cubano wakes you up. It's not subtle, it's an abrupt wake-up call that sharpens your senses and sets you up for the day. If you've never tried a Cafe Cubano, prepare for a coffee experience you won't soon forget!


So, what exactly is Café Cubano? Let's take a look at the different variations. Café Cubano is not just a single coffee drink, but a whole range of varieties that represent the rich and diverse Cuban coffee culture.

A popular variation is the 'Cortadito', a smaller version of Café Cubano, supplemented with a dash of warm milk. This variant is less strong than the original Café Cubano, but retains that delicious, characteristic sweet edge.

Then there is the 'Café con Leche', literally translated 'coffee with milk'. This is a Café Cubano served in a larger cup, filled to the brim with warm milk. The taste is softer, but with the same powerful undertone of the original espresso.

And don't forget the 'Café Bombon', a Café Cubano mixed with condensed milk. The result is an intensely sweet and creamy variant, perfect for the sweet tooth among us.

Each variant has its own unique qualities, but they all share a common characteristic: the powerful taste of an authentic Café Cubano. So, whether you're a fan of strong, intense flavors, or prefer something smoother and creamier, there's a Café Cubano that's perfect for you!

Café Cubano vs other espresso varieties

Café Cubano is certainly a unique appearance in the world of espresso varieties. But what exactly is Café Cubano compared to other espresso coffees? Well, that's how it is. Unlike a traditional espresso, which consists purely of coffee, Café Cubano is mixed with sugar during the brewing process. This results in a sweet, almost syrupy espresso that gives a real kick!

The contrast with other espresso varieties is clear. Take for example the Italian 'Ristretto', which is known for its strong, concentrated taste. Café Cubano has a similarly bold character, but adds an undeniably sweet twist. Or consider the 'Lungo', an espresso that contains more water for a milder taste. In comparison, Café Cubano is a lot stronger and richer in taste, thanks to the sugar added during the brewing process.

In the world of espressos, Café Cubano is a real outsider. It combines the rich, intense flavor of espresso with the sweetness of sugar for a unique coffee experience. Whether you're a seasoned coffee lover or just looking for something new, Café Cubano is definitely worth a try!

Cultural significance

In Cuba, café cubano is not just a cup of coffee - it is an essential part of the daily routine and plays a central role in social interactions.

Drinking café cubano is a social event. It's not just about consuming caffeine, but also about sharing conversations, exchanging news and maintaining friendships. In Cuban communities, both in Cuba itself and in diaspora around the world, offering a café cubano is a sign of hospitality and friendship. Café Cubano is more than a drink: it is a symbol of Cuban culture and community. So, the next time you wonder what café cubano is, remember that it's much more than just a cup of coffee - it's an experience!


Café Cubano, also known as a 'Cuban espresso', is a unique coffee experience with a rich, intense, and sweet taste. It is not just an espresso variant, but a coffee that occupies a special place in the world of espressos.

More than just a coffee, it is an essential part of daily life in Cuba, served at social gatherings and conversations, and a symbol of Cuban culture and community.

Drinking Café Cubano is not just about consuming caffeine, but above all about sharing, exchanging and maintaining friendships. Whether you're a seasoned coffee lover or just looking for something new, Café Cubano is definitely worth a try!