How old are coffee machines?

coffee machines

Hey coffee lovers! Have you ever wondered how long we have been enjoying the convenience of coffee machines? Making coffee is such an important ritual in our daily lives that it's hard to imagine a world without it, right? Well, grab a nice cup of coffee and sit down, because we're going on a fascinating time journey that will show you that our love for automatic 'caffeination' has a lot of growth rings!

Early origins

The first version of what we now know as coffee machines was born in the early 19th century. Can you believe that? Its invention is attributed to French inventor Louis Bernard Rabaut in 1822.

His device used steam pressure to force water through the coffee, a method that greatly improved the efficiency of coffee brewing. This was a revolutionary step away from traditional ways of making coffee, such as the simple use of a pot or pan to boil water and pour it over ground coffee beans.

Rabaut's invention laid the foundation for the development of the espresso machine, making it possible to create a stronger and more concentrated brew.

In terms of coziness and convenience, this was a game changer for coffee lovers. Imagine how excited the first users of these devices were; a whole new world of taste and convenience opened up!

Innovations from the 19th century

The seemingly endless innovation that followed Rabaut's invention is nothing short of fascinating. As the 19th century progressed, coffee lovers were treated to a variety of improvements that further simplified and enriched the coffee-making process.

One of the most notable innovations was the invention of the vacuum coffee maker by Scotsman Robert Napier in 1840. This method separated coffee and water using vacuum, resulting in a cleaner, clearer brew.

This was a big step forward in creating a more refined taste. And let's not forget the American James H. Mason, who received the first coffee percolator patent in 1865. This device improved the consistency of the extraction process, making every sip of coffee even more delicious.

These innovations not only improved the coffee experience in terms of taste, but also made it a lot easier and more fun to prepare your daily cup of comfort. It's really impressive to see how the search for the perfect cup of coffee has led to such inventive solutions!

The rise of espresso machines

After the innovative developments in the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century witnessed a true revolution in the coffee world with the rise of the espresso machine.

This invention, which made it possible to force water through finely ground coffee at high pressure, radically changed the way coffee was experienced. Suddenly it was possible to produce a rich, powerful shot of espresso in seconds - a contrast to the longer preparation times that were previously common.

This new preparation method quickly captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts, making espresso bars a central meeting place in cities worldwide.

It was not just the taste that attracted people, but also the culture and social gathering that was created around espresso and its variants.

The espresso machine has not only transformed our coffee habits, but also the way we spend time together and enjoy life.

Progress in the 20th century

The advancement of coffee machines in the 20th century was nothing short of spectacular. With each decade came new innovations that revolutionized coffee brewing at home and in cafes.

From the first drip coffee makers to the advanced fully automatic espresso machines, the development of coffee brewing equipment has made it possible to brew a perfect cup of coffee with more precision and ease than ever before.

This era also saw the introduction of capsules and pods, making preparing a wide range of coffee styles more accessible to the average consumer.

Technology and design went hand in hand, with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, resulting in coffee machines that not only make great coffee, but are also an asset to any kitchen.

The 20th century was an era where the love of coffee merged with technological innovation, bringing us closer to the ultimate goal: the perfect cup of coffee for everyone, every time.

Modern coffee machines

La Marzocco linea mini

Modern coffee machines are true works of technology, designed to not only pamper the taste buds, but also make the coffee-making process a lot easier and more enjoyable.

At the push of a button you can now enjoy a variety of coffee specialties, from a robust espresso to a creamy cappuccino, as if prepared by a barista.

Today's machines offer an unprecedented level of personalization, allowing you to customize your coffee exactly to your taste. Temperature, grind size, strength, and even milk texture can be adjusted to create your perfect cup.

Your first espresso machine will certainly be a success. Add to this the durability and elegant design of modern coffee machines, and it is clear that we have entered a golden age for coffee lovers.


The evolution of coffee machines over the years underlines our continued passion and love for coffee. From the early manual percolators to the cutting-edge, fully automatic machines of today, each era has made its unique contribution to the coffee-making process.

Technological advances have allowed us to brew a perfect cup of coffee with more precision and ease than ever before. All of this reinforces coffee's central place in our lives and cultures around the world.

As we look ahead to the future of coffee preparation, we can expect innovation to continue to delight us with even more refined and easy-to-use coffee machines. In this way, cup by cup, we continue to deepen and celebrate our love for coffee.