The Story Behind Our 'Colombia Los Jovenes' - Young Entrepreneurship and Coffee with a Mission

Los Jovenes Colombia Jov Coffee

Photo credits: The Coffee Quest

The coffee bean has a long journey before it ends up in our cups. And the story behind our 'Colombia Los Jovenes' coffee is one that is both inspiring and heartwarming.

In the beautiful hills of Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia, Colombia, we find the source of this extraordinary coffee. Here, five young farmers work passionately together under the name Jov Coffee , a collaboration with the aim of making a difference in the world of specialty coffee!

A Hopeful Beginning

Jov Coffee was born from a government initiative that focused on promoting specialty coffee in the Antioquia region between 2012 and 2016. Jov Coffee, founded by these five farmers in 2015, saw an opportunity to change the coffee industry from within.

The other member farmers, including eight women and five young coffee producers, have the unique advantage of being able to produce coffee all year round. Their merger of knowledge, drive and the desire to create better opportunities has led to a movement that goes beyond just growing coffee.

Innovation with Heart

The collaboration goes further than just connecting an average coffee farmer. One of the leaders, Juan David Cardona (26 years old), made the bold decision to spend two years in Brazil to learn and ultimately innovate Colombian processing methods. His return to Colombia marked a crucial change in their process, with a focus on natural coffee production.

Their dedication runs deep, with extensive experimentation ranging from anaerobic fermentation to extended fermentation periods of up to 300 hours. All this to produce a perfect bean. The team also developed a standardized drying curve to overcome the challenges of Colombia's high humidity.

Sustainability and Growth

What really sets Jov Coffee apart is their 4C certification, which highlights their commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

A Coffee with a Mission

'Colombia Los Jovenes' is a coffee with a mission. A mission of passion, innovation and community spirit. When sipping this coffee, you will not only taste the rich and complex flavors, but also the love and dedication that goes into each bean. This funky espresso bean is for real coffee lovers and adventurers. Not entirely suitable for the classic coffee drinker :-)

At Zwarte Roes we are proud to be part of this story and we invite you to enjoy the unforgettable taste of 'Colombia Los Jovenes' with us. Cheers to coffee that goes beyond the cup!