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SAGE The Barista Pro™

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"Like you kidnapped a barista" with the Sage Barista Pro™.

With the new intuitive interface, you immediately have the information you need to make professional-quality coffee at home. Whether you go for a double espresso or a creamy cappuccino. With the built-in grinder, with automatic dosing, you always get the right amount of ground coffee for the ultimate taste. With the heating time of 3 seconds and the accurate espresso extraction, you can literally make a cup of coffee in no time, just like you drink it in your favorite coffee bar.

For all the ins and outs, check out our extensive review of the Sage The Barista Pro.

To colour:
Stainless Steel, Black Stainless, Black Truffle

35.4 x 41 x 40.6 cm 9.08 kg

2 years

Construction material:
Brushed stainless steel

2l water tank 250g bean hopper

Adjustable Grind Intuitive LCD Interface, Volumetric Control, 1 and 2 Cup

“I use the Sage espresso machines every day in our roastery to extensively test the freshly roasted coffee beans, so I can give you perfect advice about which machine really suits you.” Eline, head barista at Zwarte Roes.

✓ Personal advice for your choice if you are not sure which machine really suits you.

✓ Online demo. Do you want to see how everything works first? Then schedule an online demo with Eline.

✓ Free support through blogs, articles and personal contact.

✓ Intuitive interface with the built-in grinder you grind just the right amount of coffee for the perfect taste.

✓ Faster heat-up time for easy application of the perfect grind for each coffee bean.

✓ Grinder with integrated conical burrs that provides you with the right dose of coffee with one tap.

✓ Dosage of 19-22 grams for a full flavor thanks to the innovative grinder holder so that you grind the coffee directly into the portafilter.

✓ Accurate espresso extraction with the digital temperature control (PID) the water always has the right temperature for the perfect espresso.

✓ Milk texturing with fine foam with the powerful steam wand that puts your first latte art at your fingertips.

What's in the box?

✓ 54mm portafilter.

✓ Single and double wall (1 and 2 Cup)

✓ Integrated tamper

✓ Razor™ dosing tool

✓ 480 ml stainless steel milk jug

✓ Cleaning set

✓ Water filter

How does the delivery work?

We ship on all working days. If you order before 3 p.m., we will ensure that the machine is shipped the same day (unless stated otherwise).

How is the warranty arranged?

Every Sage machine comes with a standard manufacturer's warranty of 2 years. If something goes wrong within those 2 years, we will immediately help you to solve your malfunction / problem.

If there really is a defect that cannot be remedied, we offer an exchange guarantee.

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Discover the SAGE The Barista Pro™

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Automatic grinding and dosing

With one click, the built-in precision grinder and dosing regulator ensures exactly the right amount of coffee, every time.

Silky soft micro foam in an instant

Enjoy velvety fine foam milk as a result of powerful steam pressure.

Intuitive interface with shot volume control

All the information you need for the perfect espresso on a clear screen.

Customer reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Baldwin Rijkenberg

Wow, how incredibly happy I am with you. Yesterday (December 23) my fully automatic machine broke and I ordered a Barista Pro semi-automatic from you. I never expected that a day later I would enjoy a nice cup of coffee with my new device. Both the coffee and the Barista Pro were delivered neatly at home on December 24, the busiest delivery day of the year. Cheers!!! By the way, the coffee is delicious. Happy Holidays to you!!!

Stoffel Short
Nice machine to start with

I have had the Sage Barista Pro at home since July 2021. At first I wanted to buy a Sage Barista Express, but mainly because the Pro can switch faster between making Espresso and frothing milk, I still opted for the Pro. I also saw the ease of setting the grinding degree and the meal via the LCD screen as a major advantage. Sometimes I think I would have liked to have had the pressure gauge on my machine (which is present on the Express), but with lead time you can also see if you are on the right track.

In my search for the cheapest webshop I came across Zwarte Roes. Here the Sage Barista Pro was significantly cheaper than at other webshops. Ordering was simple and straightforward and shipping went as promised. I was also allowed to choose a kilo of fresh beans when purchasing the Sage Barista Pro, for free! The beans and the machine are shipped separately, so they can best be delivered on different days.

Because this is my first piston machine, I was not aware that a number of things can make life much easier, such as:
- Dosing cup (prevents a lot of rumbling when grinding the beans)
- Distribution tool (to distribute and straighten the coffee with a consistent result)
- Scale (to weigh the beans and measure the output/coffee)

After a few shots of espresso, I notice a few things that I consider 'detrimental'. Firstly, without a dosing cup you have to continuously pause the grinding of the coffee to distribute/shake the coffee in the basket. And even then, coffee can still fall next to your basket. The dosing cup solves all this. In addition, the machine won't get hot (enough) if you preheat it 15 minutes before you want espresso. The best way to warm everything up is to first do a shot without the portafilter in the machine and then 2 shots with an empty portafilter in the machine. The hot water then heats up the metal parts of the machine and the portafilter.
As a final drawback I would mention the two holes that are in the grille. The machine rattles a tiny bit as the pressure builds up. If you use a small espresso glass (in my case a double-walled Bodum espresso glass) then such a glass is not stable on those holes. I solved this by using a rubber mat when brewing the espresso.

After a few months I can say that I finally make espresso that is not sour or bitter, nor too strong. But I have to say that when drinking the espresso I have a hard time discovering the flavors mentioned on the packaging of the beans (such as chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc.)

I only recently started to see if I would succeed in frothing milk. Because I can't stand cow's milk, I can't use whole milk. That doesn't make frothing milk any easier. I'm working on foaming with almond milk, but it's not easy. I don't think this is because of the steam wand. This one seems to work well and gives good pressure. But here too: Practice makes perfect :-)

Tom Smulders
Wonderful device and great service

Really happy with the device. Makes delicious coffee, easy and fast. Fine service also from black rust, highly recommended

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