Terms of service

Terms and Conditions of Zwarte Roes

Table of Contents

Article 1 - Definitions

Article 2 - Identity of the entrepreneur

Article 3 - Applicability

Article 4 - The offer

Article 5 - The agreement

Article 6 - Right of withdrawal

Article 7 - Costs in the event of withdrawal

Article 8 - Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

Article 9 - The price

Article 10 - Conformity and warranty

Article 11 - Delivery and execution

Article 12 - Long-term transactions: duration, termination, and extension

Article 13 - Payment

Article 14 - Complaints procedure

Article 15 - Subscriptions

Article 1 - Definitions

In these conditions, the following terms have the following meanings:

Cooling-off period: the period within which the consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal; Consumer: the natural person who is not acting in the exercise of a profession or business and enters into a distance contract with the entrepreneur; Day: calendar day; Duration transaction: a distance contract with regard to a series of products and/or services, the delivery and/or purchase obligation of which is spread over time; Durable data carrier: any means that enables the consumer or entrepreneur to store information that is personally addressed to him in a way that enables future consultation and unchanged reproduction of the stored information. Right of withdrawal: the possibility for the consumer to withdraw from the distance contract within the cooling-off period; Model form: the model withdrawal form that the entrepreneur provides that a consumer can fill in when he wants to make use of his right of withdrawal. Entrepreneur: the natural or legal person who offers products and/or services to consumers at a distance; Distance contract: an agreement in which, in the context of a system for distance selling of products and/or services organized by the entrepreneur, only one or more techniques for distance communication are used until the conclusion of the contract; Technique for communication at a distance: a means that can be used to conclude a contract without the consumer and entrepreneur being in the same room at the same time. General Conditions: the present General Conditions of the entrepreneur.

Article 2 - Identity of the entrepreneur

Name entrepreneur; Marvin Jamal Antonius, Zwarte Roes

Registered office; Slimtocht 47, 1647 BS Berkhout

Telephone number: 06 83 20 05 15 - on working days between 08:30-17:00

Email address: [email protected]

Chamber of Commerce number: 76970361

VAT identification number: NL860857761B01

Article 3 - Applicability

These general terms and conditions apply to every offer from the entrepreneur and to every distance contract concluded between the entrepreneur and the consumer.

Article 4 - The offer

If an offer has a limited validity or is made under conditions, this will be explicitly stated in the offer. The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the offered products and/or services. The description is sufficiently detailed to enable a proper assessment of the offer by the consumer. If the entrepreneur uses images, these are a truthful representation of the offered products and/or services. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer do not bind the entrepreneur. Every offer contains such information that it is clear to the consumer what the rights and obligations are that are connected to the acceptance of the offer. This concerns in particular: • the price including taxes; • any delivery costs; • the way in which the contract will be concluded and which actions are necessary for this; • whether or not the right of withdrawal applies; • the method of payment, delivery, or execution of the contract; • the term for accepting the offer, or the term within which the entrepreneur guarantees the price; • if the contract is archived after conclusion, how it can be consulted by the consumer; • the way in which the consumer can get information about the actions he does not want to take before the contract is concluded, as well as the way he can correct them before the contract is concluded; • any codes of conduct to which the entrepreneur is subject, and the way in which the consumer can consult these codes electronically; and • the minimum duration of the distance contract in the event of a contract that extends to the continuous or periodic delivery of products or services.

Article 5 - The agreement

The agreement is concluded, subject to the provisions of paragraph 4, at the moment of acceptance by the consumer of the offer and compliance with the conditions set. If the consumer has accepted the offer electronically, the entrepreneur will immediately confirm receipt of the acceptance of the offer electronically. As long as the receipt of this acceptance has not been confirmed, the consumer can dissolve the contract. If the contract is concluded electronically, the entrepreneur will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure the electronic transfer of data and ensure a secure web environment. If the consumer can pay electronically, the entrepreneur will take appropriate security measures. The entrepreneur can – within legal frameworks – inform himself whether the consumer can meet his payment