Promotional conditions Sage Barista Pack

Terms and conditions for the promotion from 14/07/2021 – 31/08/2021 Sage Barista Pack 2021

  1. This promotion applies only to the models the Barista Touch (SES880), the Oracle (SES980) , the Oracle Touch (SES990) , hereinafter referred to as "Promotional Item". The prerequisite for registration via marken mehrwert AG is that the promotional item has been purchased from an "authorized shop" in a participating country . The applicant must verify that the store is an Authorized Sage store participating in this Promotion prior to purchase.

  2. The organizer of the promotion is Sage Appliances GmbH Campus Fichtenhain 48, 47807 Krefeld. The processing and allocation of the added value are carried out by marken mehrwert AG, Schildkrötstr. 15, 68199 Mannheim.

  3. Contact marken mehrwert AG (for registration and shipping):

Hotline for the promotion*: +49 621 37701 – 920 (from 09h00 - 17h00 CET)

Email address: [email protected]

4. Customers who purchase a Promotional Item from a participating merchant during the period of 14/07/2021 – 31/08/2021 ("Promotional Period" ) (applicable is the invoice date of the proof of purchase or instead the order date confirmed by the merchant orders placed online), receive a Barista Pack (“Bonus”) after their registration. Below is the list of promotional models and the corresponding bonus. The bonus is only awarded while stocks last.

Promotional item

The Barista Touch,
The Oracle,
The OracleTouch

  1. Eligible to participate are Retail End Customers over the age of 18 and End Commercial Customers with a shipping address in one of the Eligible Countries in which the Promotion is taking place who have purchased a Promotional Item from a Participating Retailer in a Participating Country. Demonstration or used products are not eligible to enter. Employees of Sage Appliances GmbH, their family members and other persons involved in the design and implementation of this promotion are excluded from participation. Wholesalers and retailers, including on behalf of end customer communities - are not eligible to participate. Private sales/purchases as well as sales/purchases via online marketplaces (eBay) are also excluded from the promotion.

  2. To participate in the promotion, the purchased device must be registered via the promotion website:

The following data and documents are required for this:

a) E-mail, name, (delivery) address and address of the end customer.
b) Date of birth
c) Uploading a legible copy of the proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) of the promotional item.
d) e)



Purchase date of the promotional item. Indication of the account number.

The device must be registered on the promotion website by 14/09/2021 at the latest. After the data has been checked and found valid, marken mehrwert AG will send the bonus free of charge to the specified shipping address of the customer within 30 days.

Each household/commercial end customer can participate in the promotion with a maximum of one promotional item.

Sage Appliances GmbH reserves the right to request and inspect original proofs of purchase, to check all registrations and entries for compliance with the conditions of participation and, if necessary, to request missing documents and data.

  1. Customers who register incomplete details and/or submit incomplete proofs of purchase when registering a promotional item will be notified by email and requested to provide complete proofs of purchase or details within fourteen (14) days. If a customer does not respond to this request within fourteen (14) days or again submits incomplete proofs of purchase, the bonus will be permanently declined.

  2. Registrations and entries containing false, misleading or fraudulent information will not be processed. SageAppliancesGmbH has the right to exclude from the promotion customers who do not comply with the participation conditions, violate the participation conditions, provide incorrect personal data or use unfair tools. If there is a reason for exclusion, Sage Appliances GmbH and marken mehrwert AG have the right not to award the bonus or, if it has already been delivered, to reclaim it. If the purchase of the promotional item is definitively reversed within 6 months, must the bonus be returned or must a fee be paid.

  3. SageAppliancesGmbH reserves the right to terminate the promotion prematurely, to extend it or to change the conditions of participation. This applies in particular in the event of force majeure and an unexpectedly high demand for promotional items and in cases where it cannot be guaranteed that the promotion cannot be carried out properly for technical and/or legal reasons. In the event of a change to the conditions of participation, each registered customer will be notified immediately by e-mail; the customer will be given the opportunity to object to the new promotional terms and conditions within a reasonable period of time. The amended terms and conditions of participation are deemed to have been accepted if the customer has not objected within the deadline. The customer may not refuse to give his consent without stating essential reasons.

  4. If a provision of these conditions of participation is or becomes invalid in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions shall remain unaffected. An invalid provision is replaced by a provision that is legally possible and whose content corresponds most closely to the content of the invalid provision. The same applies to any gaps in the scheme.

  5. The customer's personal data is collected, stored and processed for the implementation of the promotion. The data will not be passed on to third parties that are not involved in the implementation of the promotion. The customer has the right to withdraw his participation in the promotion at any time via: . With this he waives the bonus and his personal data is deleted.

  6. By registering his promotional item, the customer declares that he agrees with these conditions of participation.

  7. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.

* €0.20/call from a German fixed network; from a mobile network max. € 0.60/call (other costs apply abroad).